the rebirth of flight: a documentary

LOG LINE: The greatest foul line dunker in basketball history attempts his most impressive leap yet: Dunking over his own mortality.

SYNOPSIS: Dr. J invented it. Michael Jordan made it an art form. But when it comes to dunking from the foul line, James White is the best there ever was. No one soared from 15-feet like the man known simply as “Flight”.

He did it with two hands.

A windmill.

He even went between the legs. 

White dunked from the foul line at every level, all over the world, winning NBA and international championships along the way…

But in the year 2020, we find James “Flight” White in rapid descent: out of shape, out of work, stuck in a Covid rut. He’s calling every coach he knows, begging for a tryout, but everyone has an excuse. At 38, with a nagging back and dwindling options, White sees the end of his career fast-approaching, and he’s almost ready to accept it, but there’s something he needs to take care of first:

One more dunk from the foul line.

The Rebirth of Flight chronicles James “Flight” White’s daring final attempt to fly, celebrating his life and legacy through the lens of four landmark foul line dunks.

1) The 2001 McDonald’s All-American Slam Dunk Contest, at Cameron Indoor Stadium, “Flight” bursts onto the national scene during a legendary showdown with future NBA All Star David Lee.  

2) The 2006 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest: Final Four weekend at the RCA Dome, where White stakes his claim as the greatest foul line dunker of all time. He also blows up on YouTube as one of the Internet’s first ever viral dunkers.  

3) The 2010 Russia Cup Slam Dunk Contest: Deep in the heart of Moscow, where White duels with fellow dunking legend Gerald Green in the greatest contest the world has never seen.  

4) The 2013 NBA Slam DunkContest: White earns his ticket on hoop’s biggest stage (albeit a little late) becoming the oldest NBA dunk competitor since 34-year-old Dr. J.

All leading up to his final leap: One last dunk from the foul line.

Will he make it? That’s the question. It’s been five years since he even tried. His friends are betting against him. Still, White remains confident, determined to walk away with his legacy intact as the greatest foul line dunker to ever live.

Either way, this movie is certified dunk erotica. The Internet loves James White. He’s featured in multiple YouTube videos with more than 2M views. But more than a celebration of one of the coolest dunkers in basketball history, The Rebirth of Flight takes an honest look at life, and getting older and accepting what you can’t control.

I’m already in contact with Flight, who loves the idea, and wants to be featured. I also have ideas for partnerships and sponsorships, plus connections with potential supporting interviews like David Lee, Gerald Green and Flight’s high school coach.

Would love an opportunity to discuss everything in greater detail.

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